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An eBook is an electronic version of a print book that can be read by using a mobile device or by an ebook reader.

eBooks are generally published by entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services to mobile users who are growing in number each day. But private individuals can also have a good use of ebooks. It’s a great way of showcasing their talents, skills, sharing their experiences along with their photos, introducing their own work of art or a piece of their creative minds.

For many, ebooks = profits. That is, if you already have a “mark” in the consumers’ world. For newbies, it will of course be a little difficult. So you can give away your ebook for free and at the same time, make it viral by following these steps from Mark Flavin’s “Five Other Marketing Uses For Ebooks Aside From Selling Them” (Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/237670):

1. Populate the pages of your eBook with your affiliate links. These affiliate links should be properly invoked, meaning, they will be mentioned in accordance with relevant portions of your information product. If you’re discussing email marketing in one chapter, recommend an autoresponder service through your affiliate link. If you’re discussing web hosting, recommend a web hosting service through your affiliate link, or perhaps, even your reseller account. Since the eBook will most likely be passed around (since it’s free), you’d be able to expose your products and affiliate links to more people in the long run.


2. Populate the pages of your eBook with links to your URL. This URL should point to a landing page where you can capture the contact details of your visitors. Veteran online marketers will tell you that capturing leads is just as important as bagging some sales. Once your visitors subscribe to your mailing list, you can employ your email marketing strategies to warm them up for future sales.
3. Reserve it for use as a bonus for your future offers. This will increase the value of your future offers, and such can justify a higher selling price. Additionally, your future offers will sell faster because of the eBook you’ll be packing in for free.

ebook bonus
4. Use your eBook as leverage for joint ventures. Some JV setups will require you to contribute a product to the pool which will be sold as one solid package. Often, these setups will require you to throw in the private label rights or the master resale rights of the same. If you wish to preserve the exclusivity of your other products, use your new eBook instead.
5. Give away your eBook to the members of your mailing list. Such a gesture will surely make them happy. And when they’re kept happy, they’d get warmed up to your future offers.
“As you can see, there are many other applications for your eBook other than selling it. And the fact that you will give it away free of charge would add a viral exponent to the equation. People love free things, and people love sharing free things with their family and friends. It’s human nature! Your eBook will be distributed in many, many channels, and if you will play your cards right, you’d generate a lot of leads from these situations.” (Flavin, ezinearticles.com)

An informative and entertaining ebook is one great gift to give! Make one now!
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