Create an online community

Create your own online community, and reach new potential customers, by publishing your new reviews directly onto your social blogging pages. We’ll give you the ability to thank the reviewers on Facebook and Twitter. Your followers can leave comments and click on the posts to read the reviews. You choose which reviews to publish.

Dive Into Your Customers’ Social Life

Encourage your shoppers and their friends to share their reviews on your social blog. After a shopper leaves a review, we make it super easy for them to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. We view every happy customer as a potential lead to new happy customers.

More Reviews Means Higher Conversions

Showcase your trusted and most helpful reviews. When you review a product you bought or you think is worth of a review. ReviewsFb will always display on your blog front page allowing your fans to see it right away. Your customers’ can immediately engage with it and leave their own feedback and creating better credibility. This adds a layer of trust that has been proven to help drive sales. Potential customers finally know they can trust what they’re reading.