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As I was scrolling through the ASF forums, I noticed a topic post about not buying Cybergun aeg’s. I decided to click on it and that’s when I found out about how Cybergun is shutting down the airsoft market in France. Apparently Cybergun has copyrighted common airsoft terms such as hop up, aeg and what not under their company. Basically, what this does is prevent other brands that don’t pay Cybergun to lease their copyright rights to ship their products into France. For example, if you ordered a hop-up system from G and P from another country and the packaging says “hop up”, to be shipped to France then the package would be seized by French customs, because, technically speaking, only Cybergun makes genuine hop-up systems. This G and P hop up system would be considered a counterfeit by French customs and would be destroyed. They even have patents to companies that they don’t own, effectively banning these brands from France. They are able to get away with this because French officials don’t know airsoft terminology. To them, hop up could be a name of a brand. Now, I’m not sure if all this is true or not but I have strong proof it is true. There is a petition going around for airsofters started by the French Tactical Division. Also, I looked up hop-up for French copyrights on the French trademark office database and it showed up as a brand name being owned by Cybergun.

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